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Amazon Web Services Certification

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has grown drastically in past years and the growth is going to continue in the coming years as well. Amazon has grown large in the IT market, with it expanding its cloud services through AWS.
More and more companies are moving to the cloud, and Amazon provides highly secure and flexible cloud services for clients.

AWS is a great career path in IT due to the following primary reasons:

  1. Credentials gives credibility
  2. More Job Opportunities
  3. Focused training – Gain the right knowledge in a short time.
  4. Businesses like hiring AWS Certified Professionals because Employers look for AWS certified employees to help in building a business. It is one of the criteria for higher tier memberships of the AWS Partner Network.

Phoenix Computer Academy offers various AWS Certifications to the Workforce that cover various skill sets –

  1. Demonstrate and get certified in user’s practical knowledge of the AWS environment – Enterprise AWS Architecture, AWS Cloud.
  2. AWS console and platform, key AWS services, and basic knowledge of deploying AWS solutions.
  3. Successfully construct a tech solution using the AWS architecture and maintain it throughout its entire life cycle. Students get hands-on experience developing and deploying solutions using AWS services, both ones that provide resources for the project and that help businesses manage and deliver them.